Repair service

Repair service

Repair service

bring your old machinery to our care

We offer repair, renovation and maintenance services mainly for classic motorcycles from Ukraine and Russia, models such as Ural, Dnepr, K750, M-72 and IZ. Thanks to a longstanding experience, we know old-timer motorcycles and their characteristics thoroughly. In return, this helps in finding a suitable solution for any challenge.

In addition to the above-mentioned motorcycle models, we also repair various other antiques, old equipment and aggregates such as railway trains, fire pumps, all kinds of electrical equipment and other motorcycles: Jawa, Pannonia, BMW, etc. We basically repair everything that moves: engines, gearboxes, crankshafts, generators, magnetos and straighten spoke wheels. Therefore, if you plan to throw away something but broken in your opinion, it is worth consulting with us first – we may be able to fix it!

A large selection of workbenches gives us a good ability to perform work quickly offering the best quality. Our workshop has a lathe and a milling machine, which are indispensable when repairing old equipment. Various welding, glass ball-sandblasting and polishing-grinding work is possible here. We also have equipment for magnetizing magnets, as well as test benches for other electrical work, such as repairing generators and relays.

Extensive work experience and expertise have shown that there are no unsolvable situations – one way or another we can get stuff working again. Do not hesitate to ask for more info via the below three options:

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(incl. 22% VAT)

Repair service

42 € / per hour

Connecting rods

Pressing and straightening of crankshafts

45 € / per one rod

For bigger jobs, we can offer a different price.

I have been very happy with the service for years, either online or at the warehouse.”

Jukka Karen (FINLAND)