About us

About us

About us

Through two decades

How it all began

Our story

MotoNostalgia founder, Marko Pettai, has been involved with motorcycles since his childhood. His first bike was a Delta moped, followed by a motocross bike CZ125, Jawa 638, etc. The Delta moped, which was rebuilt into a race bike, was also taken to the circuit track. Marko has kept some of these bikes as souvenirs.

He took his first ride on a sidecar Dnepr motorcycle, which belonged to his father, at the age of 12. In the following five years, the Dnepr was used a lot, as it was the main means of transportation in their summer home in Saaremaa, but of course that was only if it started. At that time, motorcycles were a very common means of transportation on the Estonian islands, because they were easy to navigate and you could get everywhere with them.



1996 – we began selling classic motorcycles to our Finnish customers, and everything took off from there.

2001 – we opened our East Highway store, located on Lootsi Street in Tallinn, and we stayed there until 2003.

2003 – we launched our first online shop for East Highway, targeted to the Finnish market.

2013 – we relaunched a modern online shop in five languages: Estonian, Finnish English, Russian and German quickly becoming a global network. See HERE where in the world we have despatched our spare parts.

2013 – Silver Sukles, a real genius of a mechanic joined us who doesn’t see technical issues as problems but as challenges. Fortunately, he likes challenges and we have plenty to serve him.

I am very grateful that somebody can and wants to keep a business like this alive..

Tanel Talve (Estonia, regular customer)


In 2016, the first MotoNostalgia festival took place at LaitseRallyPark in Estonia. It brought together a lot of people and a large amount of various interesting vintage vehicles. A separate website at festival.motonostalgia.com was also created for the festival as we continue to organise it in a new location. A few years later, the new MotoNostalgia brand grew out of it.