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From the MotoNostalgia online shop, you’ll find spare parts mainly for classic, vintage and antique motorcycles such as Ural, Dnepr, K750, M-72 and IZ. We have spare parts available for many other models too, the selection is improved constantly. We sell mostly original parts, old and new, therefore the best quality is guaranteed.

In addition to the above, you can also find nostalgic driving gear and accessories such as goggles and helmets from our selection.

Why MotoNostalgia?

Decades of experience

We have a lengthy, nearly 30-year-long experience in repairing and maintaining classic and vintage motorcycles. In addition to comprehensive industry knowledge, we promise honest and factual feedback to provide the best service.

Uncompromising quality

We offer a wide range of high-quality spare parts for old-timer Ukrainian and Russian-made motorcycles. We can help you breathe new life into your senior two or three-wheeled Ural or IZ.

Global reach, local expertise

As a small local company, we approach each project individually to provide the best solutions. We send packages around the world, for example, our spare parts have reached Madagascar, Argentina and Japan, among the most distant destinations.

Start-to-end reliability

From the first greeting to the finishing touches, you can count on us to keep our promises. The parts you ordered are delivered smoothly, the motorcycle that needs repair is fixed, and the paintwork that needs a refresh has been dealt with, professionally.

we take care of your olD machinery

Repair service

We offer repair, renovation and maintenance services mainly for classic motorcycles from Ukraine and Russia, models such as Ural, Dnepr, K750, M-72 and IZ. Thanks to a longstanding experience, we know old-timer motorcycles and their characteristics thoroughly. In return, this helps in finding a suitable solution for any challenge.

“I am impressed by the service provided by you - fast shipping, good quality parts, prompt response, easy PayPal payments, etc. My experience with you has been great!”

Ruvim (USA)

MotoNostalgia is calling


There were legendary motorcycles, a spectacular retro race and an antiques fair with lots of unique goods to explore at the international family festival MotoNostalgia which took place for the sixth time in 2022. The festival is taking a break in 2023, but we will hopefully be back in 2024.